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3. Will Writing.

Your Will Writer will take the time to draft your Will until you are happy and your requirements are met.

Why choose AboutMy Will?

About our company

We are well established in the Will Writing industry and have been active since 2008. Our priority has always been to deliver the highest level of Will Writing services to our clients identifying each of our client’s specific needs and addressing them accordingly by providing the best solution for their immediate needs.

Whenever possible we offer our clients face to face advice where one of our experienced Will Writers can visit you to discuss your needs in the comfort of your own home.

Right now we are offering our services at a discounted price. £110 for a Single Will instead of £180. Offer Ends November 30th.

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What's stopping you from talking to a Will Writer?

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No Time?

You can have a meeting with a Will Writer at a time that suits you.

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Too Complicated?

One of our Will Writers can walk you through your Will step-by-step.

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Too Expensive?

We offer competitive fixed prices for a lifetimes peace of mind our Wills provide to our clients.

Useful video guides

Preventing Accidental Disinheritance by writing a Will

You might assume that when you die your children will inherit your home. But this might not always be the case. Learn how having a correct Will can prevent Accidental Disinheritance.

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Avoiding paying more in care home fees by writing a Will

Many people are unaware of the measures they can take to protect some of their property from care home fees. Watch to learn how a Will can prevent paying more in care fees than you need to.

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Appointing guardians for your children in your Will

If you were to die your children could end up living with people you would not have chosen. By writing a Will you can prevent this.

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Trusted Will Writers - We are trusted by our clients to write their wills, who often recommend us to their friends and family.

Local Offices - If you prefer to visit us, We’re also on your doorstep and have a lovely, welcoming office.

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