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FAQ Funeral Plans

Frequently Asked Questions - Funeral Plans

At its simplest, a Funeral Plan allows you to pay upfront for your funeral so your relatives don’t have to cover the costs themselves - although they are allowed to pay for your funeral using money from your Estate as soon as you die (and it's not subject to Inheritance Tax).

You can buy a Funeral Plan from either a Funeral Plan Provider or directly from a funeral director. You have the choice of either paying a lump sum or monthly instalments, usually over one to ten years. One-off payments usually range between £3,000 and £5,000.

What is covered by a Funeral Plan varies depending on the Plan Provider, so its important to check the details of the plan before you buy it.

It is important to remember that the cost of a burial plot is not usually included and neither are costs of flowers and catering.

Establish what you want from your funeral and then find the best plan that suits your needs, if you would like help on deciding the best option our Advisers have experience in this area and would be happy to offer you Advice.

You can pay for your funeral in advance without taking out a Funeral Plan or funeral insurance policy.

It could be as simple as leaving money in a bank account and letting your Solicitor and next of kin know that the money is set aside for your funeral.

Whoever is organising your funeral will also be able to claim back funeral expenses from your Estate.

If you’re expecting your Estate to be over the Inheritance Tax Threshold, this can be a good way of reducing your Inheritance Tax liability.

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