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Obtaining Probate

Obtaining Probate

When someone passes away, often a person will need to step in and deal with the estate of the person who has passed away.

If there are executors appointed in a will then it will be the executors who will normally apply for a grant of probate. If there is no will, then it is usually the next of kin who applies to deal with the estate. Many people feel that they could deal with some of the estate, but perhaps not all of it. The main area that people feel worried about is dealing with the Probate application and sorting out any tax due.

We offer a service where we prepare the probate application for you, which includes completing forms to be sent to HMRC.

Once probate has been granted, we can then provide you with a free guide helping you with the next stages, as well as a dedicated help desk so you can chat to someone who understands what you need to do and can give you support and guidance.

We think our service works very well for many families as it allows the family to keep close control of the administration of the Estate, as well as saving the beneficiaries many thousands of pounds in expensive legal fees.

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