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Will Storage

What are the benefits of will storage?

When a loved one dies sometimes it can be difficult to find where the will is stored.

Many of our customers are happy for us to store their wills and LPA’s in our theft, fire and flood proof safes at a secure location.

The will is ready, safe and secure if its needed.

We have outlined the benefits of using AboutMy Will storgage facilties below:


Your important documents cannot be tampered with, lost or destroyed.


We will release your will to only your chosen executors after you have passed away.


If you use our probate service we are able to ensure that your original will is delivered safely and securely to the correct probate registry, together will all the other relevant forms and documents.

If you would like to learn more about our secure storage facility, request a callback and a professional adviser will call you today to answer your questions.

Time to talk to a will writer?

There’s no obligation to act on anything we tell you, but if you do wanted listen to our advice and tell us to do the work, that’s when we will charge a fee.