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What are the advantages of making Mirror Wills?

Simple Wills

Would you and your partner like to create a Will which protects each other and your children if either or both of you were to die?

Mirror Wills are legal documents which take into account both you and your partners wishes if either of you were to die.

Our Mirror Wills are very powerful legal documents that will allow you to decide who is going to administer your estate, who is going to look after your children, and who is going to benefit from your estate.

We have outlined the benefits of making a Will below:

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Dealing with your estate

A Will makes it much easier for your family or friends to deal with your estate when you die. Without an appropriate Will in place, giving clear instructions, the process will be more time consuming and stressful.

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Look after your loved ones

If you don’t write a Will, everything, you own at the time of your death - your "estate" - will be distributed according to the intestacy laws. This may not be what you want, Your intended beneficiaries may be disadvantaged or even not benefit.

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Protecting Your Assets

A Will created with the suitable structure will ensure the protection of your assets for future generations.

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Funeral Instructions

Your passing will be a difficult time for your loved ones, planning your funeral can make things more so. By leaving funeral wishes in your Will, your family can carry out your funeral exactly how you want it, this can be instructions to play your favourite song or whether you want to be buried or cremated.

It can be easy to put off, but the process may not be as difficult as you think. Talk with one of our professional Will Writers and we can explain the drafting process to you. We could have your Will completed in no time at all.

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